As a young man most comfortable with math and physics, I looked enviously upon the creatives and artists of the world. It seemed in my naivety that there was a distinction between people: Some of us were gifted with the ability to express ourselves creatively, and some of us were not. Over time it has become clear to me that all skills and passions live on a continuum of artistic persuasion and my passions are overflowing with creative potential, just like any others. I simply adore the world of high quality products built with passion. Regardless of genre, from fashion to furniture to automotive, every engineer, designer or craftsman imparts their own brand of artistic expression on their work. My dream is for Dusty Company products to follow in the footsteps of the brands that I admire by incorporating traditional methods of manufacturing with modern technology.

– Collin Seib



Collin is a 3rd Year Engineering student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. In 2013 Collin earned a diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology from SAIT Polytechnic in his hometown of Calgary, Canada. Eventually working in the Industrial Manufacturing industry as a tool and die designer in California, USA. An automotive enthusiast at heart, his passions include: modifying cars, producing digital media content, solid modeling and studying both traditional and modern product design and manufacturing techniques.