Hatching Godzilla Ep. 1 – Forgotten Speed

The BNR32 Skyline GT-R is a special car. Just saying the name is enough to perk up the ears of any car enthusiast or petrol head in earshot. It’s a car that I personally have a soft spot for, but I’ve been curious for a while now about how this came to be. I wonder, why is it, here in 2017 automotive enthusiasts and even casual car people around the world still love this car? What were the circumstances that allowed for the rise of this specific model? How did it pierce into theĀ consciousnessĀ of car fans and establish itself as such a universally respected and admired sports car? In the coming podcast I’m going to discuss the detailed history of the Skyline and GT-R nameplates, from conception all the way up to the R32 generation. We’ll look into its bloodline and investigate what put this car in such an ideal position to succeed and just how revolutionary and important this car is to automotive history.


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Sources for this series include:

Nissan GT-R Supercar: Born To Race – By: Dennis Gorodji

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1964 Japan GP – Start of the Skyline Legend – Sports Car Digest

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