Summer of Dreams [1] – Art Engineered

It became clear to me shortly after classes began that engineering school affects your sanity. I went from a typical lifestyle of 9-5, living contently, to suddenly full time calculus, linear algebra and differential equations. Your brain gets into math mode in short order and awareness about your surroundings and your enthusiasm for the world outside of school gets shoved into a back corner of your consciousness. When I finally found an opportunity to break through the clouds and see the sun again, I remembered why I was back at school.


I’d realized as I went through the motions at my old job that I have ambition for much more and I have a passion that is tirelessly pushing me forward. I love mechanical design, engineering and analysis, but my true passion lies where those things intersect with art. I came up with my own term to describe this: Art Engineered

Manufacturing has globalized and the market now demands cheaper rather than better. It is no surprise that old products from the bygone age of craftsmanship look and feel so different to us: they have flaws, they tell a story of the artisans that made them, and the people that used them. There is something very special to me about products that are both well designed and full of character. An art work that suits a function, a passion based product, that is art engineered.


I believe the old principals of manufacturing like the use of quality materials and true craftsmanship can be combined with modern techniques like 3D modeling, printing and CNC control to create products that have greater value than the literal and obvious. In this way products can function better than their vintage counterparts, yet they have soul and can take on a story of their own. As they are used they wear in rather than wear out. They gain patina and display the story of their existence proudly. These qualities have been forgotten in the modern world of technology consumerism, but there is a movement gaining momentum to bring passion back to product design.

Dusty Company is my dream. It’s not a business plan per say, but a platform, a channel and a motivation for sharing my ideas and love for making things. This summer I am taking the first steps toward building myself and this brand into something admirable. I have a long way to go. True craftsmanship takes time and practice and there are so many art-forms and skills that I admire, it’s hard to decide where to start, so I started with a this workbench.  I’m going to spend the next few months following the dream of designing, making and modifying things from automotive to leather craft and anything in between. I hope you will follow along with my Summer of Dreams.


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