Summer of Dreams [4] – Building a Bag Part 1


I decided a few months ago that I wanted to learn how to make stuff out of leather. Specifically, I got the idea that I could design and make myself a backpack because I wasn’t really excited about buying one. After practicing on a few items I ended up taking the plunge and setting out to make a bag. The design process was grueling and I didn’t even include any of it in the video series. I did my best, using the skills I have, to design a backpack. I have experience exclusively with solid stuff like metal, so designing a fabric bag was a real challenge. On top of that I had to learn and try out all kinds of new processes and methods for making the thing! I made a ton of mistakes and learned a whole lot. This is the biggest leather item I have attempted and probably the biggest I would ever want to attempt. It required a substantial amount of expensive materials and a huge number of hours to complete.

I wanted to make another SoD video like the previous three, which had included a message in monologue form. I realized as I was editing this together that it would take a monumental effort to fill in the multi-part video with valuable content. Also, I have had so little positive reaction and put in so much work on the previous videos that it hardly seems worth it. So, I made this one all about the project. I let the tools and work speak. Just subtle background music and minimal talking (except the intro, which I know is long, but that’s just how I do things).

New style for this series and for this blog. Toss some feedback my way, whether you like it or not!


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