Summer of Dreams [4] – Building a Bag Parts 2 & 3

Since no one is following along on this site I’m ok with being a little lazy and putting these in a post together. The two episodes are a continuation of building the backpack and I still have a fourth part on the way to round out the series. In hind site this is way longer than it should have been, but I am dedicated to telling the whole story, so here it is. The bag was a big project. I had no experience making a backpack going in so if you are following along and you are interested in making stuff like this, I see no reason that you wouldn’t be able to do what I did. Your product will probably be better than mine! The bag has some flaws and design issues, but even in the middle of episode 3 I was becoming really happy with the product and I have a minute or so of footage of me just admiring it. It was really fulfilling.

If, for some reason, you are reading this and enjoying what I’m doing, please leave me some feedback. Send me a message on the site here, or on youtube, or instagram, whatever! I really appreciate you and I want to thank you personally.

Next episode should be up next week!

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